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Acorn Containers is a reliable source for purchasing freight containers.

We offer a diverse range of containers, including 20ft and 40ft standard and high cube dimensions. You can choose from new or used general-purpose freight, refrigerated containers, ISO tanks, and flat rack containers.

Whatever your requirements may be, Acorn Containers has got you covered with their high-quality and durable containers.



Acorn Containers is a company that specialises in designing and creating unique spaces by using freight containers for conversion. We fully recognise and adopt the benefits of using freight containers for various purposes. We believe shipping containers are versatile and durable, making them ideal solutions for various purposes.

We use these containers to create various buildings such as community buildings, temporary classrooms, youth centres, home offices, and much more. As we convert shipping containers, we are also helping the environment by recycling these containers.

We pride ourselves on being able to design and create unique individual spaces that meet our client’s requirements. We understand that each client’s needs are different, and we work hard to ensure that our client’s requirements are met.

Acorn Containers

Cargo Shipping containers

Moving your cargo from one site to another is easy with using Acorn containers. We have containers for any situation regardless of dimensions, distance or final destination.

What is a shipping container?

Shipping containers manufactured to endure the elements as well as freight and handling. All Acorn containers are wind and watertight, and our containers will get your load where you require it. All Acorn containers are ISO and CSC certified (storage containers are not CSC certified).

Why use shipping containers?

Shipping containers are adaptable and can be used to move or store goods. From storing furniture to filing office inventory, our storage containers can meet your needs. Were you looking to ship cargo to another country? No problem, our CSC plated shipping containers are ready to help.

Varieties of shipping containers

Not all cargo pieces fit neatly into a conventional shipping container, so Acorn containers have a range of special containers to satisfy your precise requirements. Options include standard ISO shipping containers, 20ft & 40ft open-top containers, ISO containers with double doors and flat racks.

Storage shipping containers

Suppose you need a storage solution that's friendlier to your wallet and environmentally friendly. Using retired shipping containers as storage containers is the perfect answer. We inspect all our storage containers to ensure their structural integrity, and they are wind and watertight.