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Storage ideas for cars: Shipping containers as storage for your car

Shipping containers have a reputation for being dirty and boring. However, this is not always the case.

Shipping containers make great storage for your car. They are an affordable alternative to building a garage or storing your vehicle outdoors in bad weather.

Benefits of Shipping Container Storage for Cars

Shipping containers are an excellent option for storing your car. They are durable, inexpensive, secure, and come in various sizes. Plus, they can be easily relocated to a new location, making them an excellent option for temporary or permanent storage.

This versatility makes them a popular choice for businesses that need to store products for short or long periods.

Shipping containers provide secure storage for your car because they are made to withstand heavy wind and rain, made from stainless steel and durably welded to last.

With proper maintenance and cleaning, a shipping container will last for decades.

How to Store a Car in a Shipping Container

Shipping containers are designed to safely and securely store large amounts of cargo, including vehicles. You should follow different steps when using shipping containers as storage for your car.

Choose the Right Container:

Containers should have sufficient height, width, and depth. Check our container dimension against the dimension of your car to make sure it'll fit correctly.

Install Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are necessary for charging battery-powered equipment, such as appliances or tools and lighting.

Store the car on a Rack

If you are going to transport your car overseas, using a car rack will help prevent damage to the car and the container

Install a Lock Box

To prevent intruders from getting clear access to your padlock, have a lockbox fitted for extra security.

Which Container is Best for Car Storage?

Shipping containers come in many different sizes and shapes, the popular choice is the 40ft high cube, using its additional ceiling height for extra room and comfort.

40ft containers can store two cars comfortably, you can also find smaller 20ft containers ideal for storing a single vehicle. Whether you need to store a car for a short period or permanently, a shipping container is an affordable and convenient option.