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Cargo Containers for Sale and hire in Edinburgh

Acorn Containers offers a comprehensive range of high-quality export containers in Edinburgh, suitable for various business needs. We understand the critical importance of container quality for our customers. As such, we ensure every container we provide is rigorously checked for waterproofing, security, and overall condition. Our team of container experts is dedicated to recommending the perfect container solution tailored to your specific requirements.


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Recognising that container purchasing may not suit every business's needs, Acorn also provides flexible rental options in Edinburgh. This allows businesses to benefit from our top-quality containers without the commitment of a purchase, ensuring they get the right solution at the right time for their operations.

Available Containers in Edinburgh

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Sea Freight Containers for Hire in Edinburgh

Acorn offers a diverse range of hiring containers in Edinburgh, each meeting our high-quality standards. When renting a container, our advisors work closely with you to provide competitive, transparent pricing. We understand the need for easily accessible, cost-effective container solutions in Edinburgh and strive to maintain the highest quality in our sea freight containers. Our experienced advisors are always ready to guide you through the rental process, ensuring you find the best fit for your needs.

Bespoke Shipping Container Services in Edinburgh

Acorn also specialises in bespoke shipping container services for clients in Edinburgh. Our range of custom modifications includes adding insulation, ventilation, windows, doors, electrical installations and tailoring containers for specific uses like offices, workshops, or storage units. Our seasoned advisors have extensive knowledge in customising containers to fit your unique requirements, guaranteeing top-quality solutions.

To discuss your custom container needs or to get a quote, please use our online container form or call us directly at 0330 027 1420 for immediate assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Containers in Edinburgh

Cost of Hiring a 20ft Shipping Container in Edinburgh

The cost of hiring a 20ft shipping container in Edinburgh is variable, based on conditions and specific requirements. Acorn Containers offers competitive, market-responsive pricing. For an accurate quote that includes transportation costs, kindly fill out our quote form with your specific needs, and we'll provide a prompt and detailed response.

Buying vs Renting a 20ft Shipping Container in Edinburgh

The decision between buying or renting a 20ft shipping container in Edinburgh should be based on your storage duration and budget. Renting offers flexibility and is cost-effective for short-term needs, while purchasing is more economical for long-term usage.

Durability of Shipping Containers in Edinburgh's Weather

Acorn Containers ensures that all our shipping containers are coated with specialised maritime paint, which provides long-lasting resistance to Edinburgh's harsh weather conditions.

Planning Permission for Shipping Containers in Edinburgh

While storage containers are usually considered temporary structures, we recommend consulting with Edinburgh's local authorities to clarify any planning permission requirements for your situation.

Delivery of Shipping Containers in Edinburgh by Acorn

Acorn Containers uses vehicle-mounted cranes to deliver shipping containers in Edinburgh. This efficient method allows our skilled drivers to place your container precisely where needed, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free delivery experience.

Delivery Timeframe for 20ft Shipping Containers in Edinburgh

After the payment is processed, Acorn aims to deliver your 20-ft shipping container to Edinburgh within nine days, demonstrating our commitment to prompt and reliable service.


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