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Export Containers to Buy or Rent in London

At Acorn Containers, we take immense pride in supplying first-rate maritime freight containers for businesses in London. Our container experts thoroughly examine each container to ensure it aligns with our stringent standards. You can trust that our containers are waterproof, secure, and in prime condition.


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Containers accessible for London

40ft Shipping Container

Maritime containers for lease in London

If you're seeking a temporary solution, contemplate leasing a container from Acorn Containers. Our experts provide steel shipping containers for hire, maintaining a high-quality standard. We'll furnish you with a competitive maritime container rate while transparently detailing all costs for our London clients. We strive to keep our steel shipping containers readily available to those in London without sacrificing quality or affordability. Our Acorn Containers specialists are always on hand to guide you on the best options and rates for leasing steel shipping containers in London.

inside container

Tailored shipping container services accessible in London

We extend a range of superbly tailored shipping containers to our clients near London. Our tailored shipping containers are of the highest calibre, and with our seasoned Acorn Containers team, we can furnish you with a swift quote for tailored shipping containers in London.

Shipping containers can be adapted in numerous ways, including adding windows, doors, insulation, and ventilation. They can also be modified for various uses, such as offices, workshops, or residences.

To receive a quote, kindly complete our online container form, and our Acorn Containers team will respond promptly. Alternatively, you can contact us on 0330 027 1420.


Commonly Asked Questions about Utilising Shipping Containers in London.


What is the cost to lease a 20ft Container in London?

The leasing price for a container in London fluctuates based on its size and condition. As prices alter weekly, we do not list them. To receive an accurate quote, please complete our quote form with your requirements, and we'll respond promptly with a price that includes container transport costs.

Is purchasing or renting a 20ft container in London more economical?

The most cost-effective choice hinges on your requirements. If you need short-term storage, leasing a 20ft container in London is preferable. However, if you require a container for a longer duration, purchasing outright typically proves more cost-effective.

How long will my shipping container endure in London's climate?

All our shipping containers delivered to London are coated with special maritime paint, which enables them to resist harsh weather conditions for many years.

Do I require planning permission for my shipping container in London?

In most instances, local authorities in London deem storage containers temporary structures. Nonetheless, we advise checking with your local authority if you have any doubts.

How will you deliver my shipping container to my property in London?

We utilise vehicle-mounted cranes (hiab) to deliver all our containers to London. Our amicable driver will position the container where you need it.

How swiftly can you deliver a 20ft shipping container to London?

Once payment is cleared, we aim to deliver your container to London within three days.


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