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Cargo Containers for Sale & Hire in Surrey

Acorn Containers is your go-to source for superior-quality export containers in Surrey. We pride ourselves on delivering impeccably maintained steel containers, ensuring they are waterproof, secure, and ready for immediate use. Our dedicated team conducts thorough inspections to guarantee each container meets our high standards.

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Understanding your unique needs is our priority. Whether it’s a short-term rental or a permanent solution, our expert team tailors recommendations to match your requirements perfectly. Our diverse range of export containers makes Acorn Containers a valued partner for Surrey businesses.

Available Container Types in Surrey

Cargo container Surrey

Steel Cargo Containers for Hire in Surrey

Seeking a temporary storage solution for your Surrey business? Acorn Containers offers a selection of high-quality steel cargo containers for hire. Our competitive pricing and transparent cost breakdown make us a preferred choice. With a comprehensive stock of containers available near Surrey, we ensure prompt, cost-effective, and quality-driven service. Let our Acorn Advisors guide you to the best hiring options in the region.

Converted Shipping Container Services in Surrey

In addition to standard containers, we specialise in converted shipping containers for diverse applications. Our conversions range from basic modifications like insulation and window installation to complex transformations into offices, workshops, or homes. Reach out to our Acorn advisors for detailed costings and options in Surrey.

For a tailored quote, please complete our online container form or call us at 0330 027 1420 for more information.

Explore Our Range of Containers

Standard Shipping Containers

  • 20ft Shipping Containers: Ideal for secure, spacious storage or transportation needs.
  • 40ft Shipping Containers: Perfect for larger storage requirements or extensive cargo.

Open-Top Containers

  • 20ft Open-Top Containers in Surrey: Suitable for transporting over-height cargo.
  • 40ft Open-Top Containers in Surrey: Best for larger items needing loading flexibility.

    40ft Open-Top Container in Surrey

Refrigerated Containers

  • 20ft Refrigerated Containers: Essential for temperature-sensitive goods.
  • 40ft Refrigerated Containers: Ideal for large-scale cold storage needs.

Specialised Containers

  • Flat Rack Containers: Designed for heavy or oversized cargo.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Containers in Surrey

How much does it cost to hire a 20ft container in Surrey?

Pricing for a 20ft container hire in Surrey varies. Please get in touch with us for an up-to-date quote that includes transport costs.

Is buying or renting a 20ft container in Surrey more cost-effective?

It depends on your needs. Renting is better for short-term use, while purchasing may be more economical for long-term needs.

How long will my shipping container last in Surrey’s weather conditions?

Our containers are treated with special maritime paint, ensuring longevity in Surrey’s weather.

Do I need planning permission for my shipping container in Surrey?

Storage containers are usually temporary structures. However, consult with your local Surrey authority for specific guidelines.

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