What we ship

Whatever your freight
Whatever you want to export – from climate-sensitive goods to oversized container loads and bulk commodities – we are here to assist. With broad experience, regional expertise and global scope, we have the containers, tools and technology required to move your freight to its destination on schedule.

FCL Shipping


FCL Cargo

Approximately 90% of what we transport is FCL cargo, and you could say we’re FCL cargo experts.

We are no strangers to the trade routes of Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.

We have deep local expertise and experience in these markets, helping us when it comes to giving you advice on local ports, laws, customs systems, even prevailing political circumstances that might influence shipments.

Acorn containers work jointly with you to learn your business challenges and shipping requirements, ensuring we can organise and transport your freight in the most time-efficient manner. 


Special Cargo

Not everything fits into a standard container.
Through numerous years of experience, we have cultivated strong expertise within our projects shipping department.

We can contribute a large fleet of special containers along with specialists based around the world to grant you a first-class unique cargo service.

Too big to fit into a container freight comes into three types (In-gauge cargo, Out of Gauge Cargo and Break Bulk cargo)

Depending on the type of your cargo, we can provide safe transport with our range of special equipment.

Hazardous Cargo


When it comes to transporting hazardous cargo, you need a shipping partner with the experience and expertise required to reach its destination safely. That is why so many people choose to ship their hazardous cargo with us.

The hazardous cargo includes shipments that pose a danger to life, property or the environment, such as flammable, explosive, corrosive or toxic items and materials.

Naturally, these cargoes need handling with extreme care. The shipping process requires unique expertise, tried-and-tested methods and sophisticated infrastructure. 

We work closely with you throughout to ensure your hazardous cargo is shipped safely and efficiently from origin to destination.

Acorn hazardous cargo team

Because no two hazardous loads are never the same, every consignment is dealt with on a specific basis by our team of experts, who will ensure that your cargo complies with legal safety controls.

Your Acorn container hazardous freight team will evaluate the particular requirements of your load to ensure we have the correct characters, equipment and methods in place, including en route emergency plans if required. 

Our team will ensure your shipment adheres to all local and global legal, safety and environmental conditions – and that it’s shipped securely.

Or, to put it a different way, you can believe in us to guarantee your hazardous cargo reaches its destination port safely and on time.

Whatever you want to ship, Acorn are ready to help. Simply contact your local Acorn office to get started.